Chairman’s Message

Dear Our Business Partners,

Our journey in the Turkish business life which began in 1974 has been increasingly continuing with concrete steps taken in line with our outstanding diversities and growth target concentrated on the sustainable growth.


While playing a significant role in reducing the dependency on foreign sources in respect of the concepts of industrialization and energy, we advance with the goal of carrying our companies forward by being encouraged through our history together with our business partners and quality human resource, by carrying on our production in the environmentally-conscious and nature friendly manner.


We breathlessly keep up with the investments made in production and research & development activities on the basis of our long-term and strategic perspective, and we are rather pleased and content with the projects executed in the domestic and international markets. The new projects underway based upon our faith in the sustainability greatly encourage us to achieve the better.


We have always competed and strived to excel ourselves; furthermore, the investments we have made in innovation by having ourselves adapted to the prevailing conjuncture, high technology and outstanding human resource have brought us to date. We carry on our business adhering to our corporate improvement standards with the awareness that our conglomerate we had created may serve to increase our competitiveness in the international arena by growing in specific fields in the future through the support of new ventures and partnerships.


I would like to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to our business partners, especially our customers, employees, suppliers and vendors who always stand by us in our economic and social accomplishments, and support and carry us forward to a better and advanced.