Silo – Bunker – Lpg Tank


Our company manufactures silos, bunkers, tanks, etc. depending upon the requirement for the purposes of feeding and discharging liquid and solid substances.


Steel Silo
We manufacture Conical Base Steel Silos having a capacity ranging from 5 tons to 15000 tons. Besides the convenience in feeding and discharging the low volumes, the product is ideal for investors who are willing to store products having various characteristics and different intensities owing to different conical bases and low infrastructure concrete cost, and who conduct very frequent feeding and discharging.

Our Flat Bottom Steel Silos offers low cost storage opportunity through low installation cost, easy installation and high efficiency. Due to use in silos, tanks and bunkers and numerous sectors including the storage, production and delivery of raw materials, the sales of our produces continue in the local and international markets.


Both open and closed type bunkers are manufactured. The systems used in the bunkers and silos are vibro dischargers, belt dischargers, and discharging systems with hydraulic and sliding covers. The bunkers have bolted construction and are easy to install and dismantle. Coal, cement and limestone bunkers are steel construction and can be manufactured to the desired capacity. Types of our bunkers include stock bunkers, weighing bunkers and aggregate bunkers.