We build trust since 1974...

The foundation of Soyut Group was laid by Mr. Hasan Colak in 1974 with the objective of providing services in the field of engineering and machinery manufacturing. The group carries on business through the corporation, namely Colak Holding A.S., acting as the principal company of the conglomerate, and has become one of the strongest and prestigious companies of Turkey in its field, relying upon the quality and innovative business approach since its foundation.
The affiliates and subsidiaries of Colak Holding continue their operations with flying colors in the fields of production, manufacturing, engineering, construction-contracting, finance and foreign trade.
SoyutArge A.Ş., which is engaged in the field of production and engineering, is the parent company and the driving force of the conglomerate. Included within the business portfolio of the company are any kind of steel construction including the production of wind turbines, crushing-screening plants, belt conveyors, steel pipes, steel silos, LPG tanks, and steel-iron and composite production practices including especially the manufacturing of trailers, containers and caravans, and energy projects involving wind energy, hydroelectric and thermal power plants, and motorways, harbors/ports, piers infrastructure, housing and industrial facility projects.
Colak Holding expands its investments at a rapid pace in Turkey and in different parts of the world, and attaches foremost importance to clean technologies (Cleantech), innovative and environmentally-conscious products and the financing model through venture capital funding.
Colak Holding possesses international quality certificates in its fields of activity and acts with ethical values adopted since long and the social responsibility approach focused upon “clean technology, clean community”, and further believes in the fact that welfare may only be ensured and attained accordingly.


Our vision, as has been since the foundation of our companies affiliated to Colak Holding, reflects the fact that we are desirous of perpetuating our leadership with the help of our sustainable innovation approach and growth-oriented projects.


We relentlessly carry on preserving our sustainability and reinforcing our roots in the Turkish industry through quality domestic products bearing in mind the awareness that the fundamental source of our strength lays in the customer satisfaction. Supplying products and services in universally acceptable quality and standards through creating environmentally-conscious technologies with the help of our dynamic staff and reliable service perspective is our main principle.